Which cybersecurity speakers are best suited to your organization? Our lineup of powerful, impactful speakers includes CEOs and certified trainers. They are very passionate about social engineering, human firewall, and cyber security culture. They talked about this every day, even during sleep! and they enjoy sharing it with everyone. Due to many request for our speakers here, we dedicate this page to any of you who want any of our speaker here to provide speech about cyber security in your event. CiEdge, Your Edge.
Nik Khairul Raja Abdullah

Nik Khairul Raja Abdullah, CiEdge Technologies Sdn Bhd

Nik Khairul Raja Abdullah is Chief Technology Adviser for CiEdge Technologies Sdn Bhd, a Cybersecurity specialised in Cyber Culture. He drives the business strategic, technology and product vision for the PKI and Digital Identity initiatives where he works with MCMC, POS Malaysia, MAMPU, SIRIM, BNM and industry players to build PKI ecosystem in the country. Nik Khairul has over 17 years of PKI and Digital Identity experience most previously from SCAN Associates Berhad where in 2000 he joined as Head of Solution Development and also Co-Founder. While at SCAN, Nik Khairul worked closely with Bank Negara Malaysia to launch the Cheque Truncation and Conversion System (CTCS) with PKI implementation nationwide for Malaysia financial industry services in 2008. He also conceptualize, plan and design the Government PKI project for MAMPU in 2010. Prior to SCAN, Nik Khairul was a lecturer for Center of Advanced Software Engineering (CASE), Universiti Tekbnologi Malayia now AIS-UTM, teaching Master in Real-Time Software Engineering Program. Nik Khairul holds a Master degree in Computer Science with specialization in Cryptography and Security from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).
Prof. Rozhan Othman

Prof. Rozhan Othman, CiEdgeTechnologies Sdn Bhd

Prof Rozhan Othman is an academician as well as a Senior Partner at HumanCap. He brings with him the best of both worlds. His business experience enables him to conduct research in areas that are relevant to industry. And his academic experience enables him to bring leading edge knowledge to his consultancy and training work. His prior experience in research and consultancy includes HRM, strategy, technology adoption and change management. This breadth of exposure enables him to address many issues with a bird's eye view of the problem. This includes when addressing the role of change management and culture in technology adoption. It also enables him to bring all these experiences in addressing the issue of cybersecurity culture.
Chong Siew Kok

Chong Siew Kok, ASK Pentest Sdn Bhd.

SK Chong is a trainer for HiTB Amsterdam and Blackhat Las Vegas for more than 10 years. Certified Information Security Services Professional (CISSP) and Certified SANS-GIAC. He has 16 Years’ experience in performing Ethical Hacking. His job allows him to play with all kinds of hacking tools and exploits in his penetration testing. Most often, he needs to modify and/or enhance these tools before it can be used for legal penetration testing for banks, ISPs government agencies, etc. If exploit code is not available, his understanding of security advisories, exploitation and buffer overflow concepts have allowed him to create exploit code on the fly. These experiences have helped him discover other similar yet new bugs. SK has authored security whitepapers on SQL Injection, Buffer overflows, Shellcode and Windows Kernel research, including one of which was published in Phrack E-zine #62. His research has been presented in many security conferences around the world like Blackhat, XCon, HITBSecConf, and more.

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